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LabourWare specializes in innovative Membership and Grievance Software Solutions for Unions and Associations. Our team has extensive experience in the Labour movement, both direct and indirect. All this experience has culminated in the applications suites listed below. We are proud of our accomplishments, but are never satisfied. By adopting a strategy of involving our clients, LabourWare applications are constantly being updated and enhanced to ensure that our software solutions for Unions and Associations are tailored to the user requirements and needs of each organization. Consultations with our clients and their members has enabled LabourWare to produce a flexible software solution that will assuredly address your needs and concerns.


Labourware Software Solutions for Unions and Associations comprises the following software suites:



Manages member tombstone, employment data, union positions, courses, events, meeting attendance and member communications. The software provides extensive standard and custom reporting features.




Manage all aspects of the grievance process from complaint through arbitration including every step in between. Stay on top of impending Step deadlines with auto email notifications and with extensive standard and custom reporting features.




Track all aspects of a worker’s compensation claim, including types of injuries and body parts affected. Intuitive and flexible reporting capabilities provide you with the proper insight into the safety issues that concern your members.




Create and manage your Union or Association web site using an easy to learn web interface. Avail yourself of the latest social media technology integrations such as Facebook and Twitter.




Our applications interest you but you feel that you require a more customized solution? LabourWare has strived to design and build flexible software solutions that are capable of being morphed to address your particular needs and concerns. LabourWare is prepared to work closely in partnership with you to ensure that our software solutions satisfy your unique requirements.